Proof pop-up messages

Introduction to pop-up messages

Pop-up messages can be used to display disclaimers, brand guidelines, terms & conditions, review check lists, and more.

You can set different messages to be displayed when:

  • The proof page is launched
  • A reviewer is making a decision
  • After a decision was made (feature only available on Enterprise plans)

You can format the content to appear in each popup, as well as specify the text in the confirmation button.

Pop-up messages are set for the whole account and will appear on every proof created in the account. The on load message The On Load popup message will appear when the proof first opens in the Proof Viewer.

Users click the green button to close the pop-up.


The on decision message

The On Decision popup message appears when the person has made a decision on the proof.

Users click the green button to close the pop up. If they do not click the green button, but rather click the cross/close icon, the decision will not be confirmed.

Setting up pop-up messages

To set up popup messages, you need to have an Administrator or Billing Administrator profile - please see Profiles and permissions.

Follow the below steps to set the messages for your account:

  1. Go to Account settings
  2. Open the Settings tab and scroll down to the Pop-up Messages section
  3. Edit one or both of the Popup Messages (if you leave the text blank, the popup will not be displayed)
  4. Define the text for the button (if you leave the text blank an OK button will be displayed)
  5. Click Save


Please also see Post decision message.

This article last updated on 2017-08-09 17:24:06 UTC