Proof settings

Proof settings

Proof settings can be selected originally on the New proof page or edited in the Proof details page

The available Proof settings are:

  • Locking: Lock the proof when all decisions are made
  • Secure proofing: Login Required
  • Decisions: Only one decision required
  • Electronic signatures: Require decisions to be electronically signed
  • Allow: Download of original file
  • Allow: Subscription 

NOTE You can set your preference for these settings as a Proofing default in your Personal settings. The settings saved in your Personal settings are applied to all proofs created by you but can be overridden on the New proof page and Proof details page

If you change your Proofing defaults, the change won't be applied to existing proofs. Settings on existing proofs need to be changed on the Proof details page.

Lock proofs when all decisions are made

By default, proofs remain unlocked after all decisions have been made.

This setting allows you to set the proof state to change to be locked once all decisions have been made.

This automatically changes the state from unlocked to locked when the final Approver makes their decision.

This is feature is useful if you want to make sure that your reviewers won't be able to go back to the proof and add additional comments/change their decisions.

Login required

One of the great things about Workfront Proof is that anybody can review a proof, you don't need to have your own Workfront Proof to do so. Recipients receive an email with a Personal URL that takes them straight to the proof page, without them having to log into Workfront Proof.

However, if you require higher levels of security for your review and approval process, you can use the Login required setting. This forces the recipient to enter their email and password before they can access the proof.

This means that only Workfront Proof users - colleagues or members - can be added to the proof.


  • In order for somebody to sign in to the proof (when Login required has been enabled), they must have been added to the proof.
  • If Login required is enabled, Subscriptions cannot be enabled.

Only one decision required

This setting is useful in cases when you just need one person out of a group/department/company to make a decision on the proof.

Even if you assign the role of Approver or Reviewer and Approver to multiple people, once one person makes a decision on a proof the status of the proof will be updated (as per the decision made).

If Lock proof when all decisions are made is enabled the proof will be locked as well upon the decision being made.

Allow download of original file

By default, reviewers are able to download the original file from which the proof was created.

If you disable this setting then reviewers on the proof will not be able to download the original file and the Download icon will no longer be visible.

Subscription enabled

Subscription is an advanced setting that works with the Proof URL and Mini proof.

By default people who have not been specifically added to the proof and are using the Proof URL or the Mini proof to access it can only view the proof in Read Only mode. People who are already reviewers on the proof can sign in using their email address.

Enabling subscription on the proof allows people who have not been added explicitly to the proof to subscribe themselves to the proof (i.e. add themselves to the proof). They will then be assigned the role and email alert that you select for them in the Subscription settings.

If Subscription has been enabled on a proof, the fields below will become active:

Subscriber validation required - Subscriber must click a link in an email to access a proof
Selecting this option means that the person subscribing will not get immediate access to the proof, but will get a link to the proof in an email. The purpose of subscriber validation is to ensure that the person has entered a correct email address to which they have access.

Default role for new subscribers - This is the default proof role that will be assigned to all reviewers that subscribe themselves to the proof.

Default email alert for new subscribers - This the default email alert that will be assigned to all reviewers that subscribe themselves to the proof.

Please also see Subscriptions.

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