Downloading original files
Download the original file

To download the original file for a proof, ensure the Download of original file option is enabled in the Proof settings.

There are a number of ways to download the original file for a proof.

  • Click on the Download File button (1) in the Workfront Proof Viewer


  • Open the item's actions menu (in any list view) and choosing the Download original option (3)

All of the above options will download the file to your local machine, which you can then open and print. You can download original files from active, locked and archived proofs.

NOTE You will need the software package that the file was created from in order to open it.

Batch download

To download the original file for multiple proofs in one bulk action:

  • Go to the Folder details page or any Views page that lists the proofs you'd like to download the original files from
  • Select your chosen proofs by checking the tick boxes (1) (please note that batch download of files from archived proofs is currently not available)
  • Click on the Actions menu (2)
  • Select Download from the menu (3)
  • You will receive a email after your batch download is prepared, click the download link in the email notification to download your files

Only the original file from the latest version of each proof will be included in the batch download ZIP file


  • The Download of original file option must be enabled on the proof(s) in order for the original file to be downloaded
  • The batch download option is available only if you have edit rights on the proof (this is not the case for single downloads)
  • Limit of batch download is currently 4GB


This article last updated on 2017-10-11 09:04:16 UTC