Deleting proofs
Deleting proofs

Users who have edit rights on a proof can delete it.

Please see Profiles and permissions and Roles on a proof for more information on who has edit rights on a proof.

When you delete a proof in your account it is moved to the Trash folder. (This is the same for any item deleted, e.g., proof, file, or folder.)

Items moved to Trash can be easily restored - please see Trash for detailed instructions.

NOTE Items stored in Trash count towards your storage limit. To free up storage space, please Empty Trash.

Delete via the Proof details page

On the Proof details page you can delete:

  • The whole proof chain (all versions)
  • A particular version of the proof

To delete a proof via the Proof details page:

  • Click the trash icon (at the top right of the page)
  • Choose whether you want to delete the whole proof or the particular version you are viewing


Delete via the Proof Viewer

To delete a proof from the Proof Viewer:

  • Open the Tools menu
  • Choose Delete

NOTE This action deletes the whole proof chain and not just the current version.


Delete using the Header menu

You can delete one or more proofs using the Header menu in any list view page (e.g., Views or Recent Items).

To delete proofs this way:

  • Select the tick box next to the relevant proof(s) (1)
  • Alternatively, tick the top box to select all items on the list (2)
  • Click Delete in the Header menu (3)

NOTE ALL versions, reviews, comments, replies and related data will be deleted (moved to Trash).


Delete using the Actions menu

You can delete a proof using the Actions menu in any list view page (e.g., Views or Recent Items).

To delete a proof from a list view:

  • Click on the Actions menu (1)
  • Select Delete (2)


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