Creating folders
Creating a new top level folder

To create a new top level folder:

  • Click on the dropdown arrow (1) next to the green New proof button located in the Sidebar
  • Select New folder from the menu (2)
  • You will then be taken to the New folder page (see below)

NOTE If you create a new folder while being on the folder details page of a folder, the new folder will automatically be nested within that folder.

Creating a new sub-folder

There are two ways of creating sub-folders:

  • From the Folder details page
  • From the My folders page

NOTE When you create a new sub-folder, the share list will be inherited from the parent folder.

Creating a sub-folder from the Folder details page

To create a sub-folder from the Folder details page:

  • Click on the folder name in the My folders list (1) in the Sidebar to access the folder details page
  • Click on the new sub-folder button (2) at the top of the page
  • A new folder will appear in the list of the items in the folder - populate the name of the new sub-folder by in-line editing (3)
  • The folder will be created once you hit Enter (or click outside of the folder name field)

NOTE You can edit the details of the new sub-folder on its Folder details page.

Creating a sub-folder from the Account folders page
To create a sub-folder from the Account folders page:

  • Click on [Your account name] folders in the Sidebar to access the Account folders page (1)
  • Find the folder that you would like to add a sub-folder to and open the actions menu (2)
  • Select New sub-folder from the menu (3)
  • You will then be taken to the New folder page

The New folder page

The New folder page contains:

  • Breadcrumb navigation (here you can tell if you are creating a top level folder or a sub-folder) (1)
  • Folder details (2)
  • Client details (3)
  • Share (4)


Folder details

In this section you can add (and check) the following information to the folder you are creating:

  • Folder name - this field is mandatory (1)
  • Clicking on the See the list link (2) will bring up a pop up with a list of people with whom this folder is shared - this information is particularly useful when you are creating sub-folders, as sub-folders will automatically be shared with the same people as the parent folder
  • Description (3) - here you can add a brief description of the folder, this will be visible on the Folder details page
  • Make the folder private (4) - ticking the box will make this folder private (so visible only to the people you explicitly share the folder with and the users in your account with the profiles of Supervisor, Administrator or Billing Administrator ). Please see Folder permissions to find out more about private and public folders in Workfront Proof.

Client details
In this section you can fill out the details of your client - this will allow you to sort the My folders page by client/project name:

  • Client name (1)
  • Project name (2)

In the Share section you can:

  • Assign a new owner of the folder (1) - the creator of the folder will remain listed on the folder and cannot be removed, however you can make another user in your account the owner which will give them edit rights on the folder.
  • Share the folder with other Workfront Proof users by typing in their email address (2) - note that folders can only be shared with people who have their own Workfront Proof logins.
  • Set the permissions for the people you share the folder with (3). This is useful for sharing private folders with users from your account - you can decide if users with the Manager profile should be allowed to create, edit and delete items in the folder.
  • Remove a user from the folder share list by clicking on the trash icon (4) to the right of the user's name.
  • Remove everyone from the folder share list by clicking the topmost trash icon (5) - note that you will not be able to remove the creator or owner of the folder.

 Please also see Sharing folders.

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