Send a batch message from the contact details page

Send a batch message from the Contact details page

You can send a single message to a Contact reminding them about multiple items that have been shared with them.

The email will replicate the notification email they were sent originally (and can include a custom message), but will show the details of ALL of the items you've selected to contact them about.

To send a batch message:

  • Go to the Contacts page
  • Find the contact
  • Open the contact's actions menu (1)
  • Select View user/guest/member details from the dropdown menu (2)


  • The User/Guest/Member details page will appear
  • Expand the Shared items section (3)


  • Select the items you want to remind this reviewer about (4). If you want to remind them about all of their proofs, tick the select all box (5)
  • Click on the More actions menu (6)
  • Select Message from the menu (7)
  • You will be taken to the Remind page (see below)


 You can also access a user's details page by going to the Users tab in Account settings, opening the user's actions menu and following the steps (1) - (7) as above. You have to be an Administrator or Billing Administrator to have access to Account settings.

The Remind page

On the Remind page you will be able to:

  • Select the proofs you want to email the contact about (1)
  • Check the name of the contact (2)
  • Decide if you want to include a custom message (3)
  • Add your own custom subject line (4)
  • Add your own custom message (5)

The contact will receive a email containing information and personal links for all the proofs in a single email.


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