Reminder emails


During the review and approval process you may want to send a message to one or all of the reviewers on a proof.

Similarly, you may find that you need to remind your reviewers to complete their review/approval of a proof. The Message function is perfect for this.

You can choose between sending a generic reminder email and sending your own customized message.

This functionality is easily accessible from different parts of Workfront Proof:

If you need to remind somebody about multiple proofs that have been shared with them, you can easily do so from the Contact details page.

Default reminder email


The default reminder email includes the following information:

    • Personal link to the proof
    • Thumbnail of the proof image
    • The following proof details:
      • Proof name
      • Version number
      • Folder name (if applicable)
      • List of the reviewers and their progress on the proof

Customized reminder email


The customized message contains the same information as the default email (above) but it also includes your custom subject line and custom message in the body of the email.

This article last updated on 2017-09-15 16:50:37 UTC