Integrating your account with NetSuite

netsuite_icon.pngIntegrating your Workfront Proof account with NetSuite

Workfront Proof - NetSuite connector allows you to create the proofs and connect them directly to your NetSuite projects. The NetSuite tasks are automatically created for each connected proof, and the reviewers can comment and make decisions directly from NetSuite using the Workfront Proof Viewer or the miniproof embedded in the tasks.

To start the accounts integration, log in to your NetSuite account and get your NetSuite account ID (1). This data can be found on the Setup > Integration > Web Services Preferences page (2):



Copy your NetSuite account ID and log in to your Workfront Proof account to proceed with the set up on the Workfront Proof side. 

The integration in Workfront Proof must be configured on two levels:

  • In Account settings - enable the NetSuite integration for your whole organization.
  • In Personal settings - if you are a proof Creator or Owner, activate your personal Workfront Proof - NetSuite connection to be able to add proofs to your NetSuite projects.

NOTE You must be a Billing Administrator or an Administrator on your Workfront Proof account to configure the account-level connection.

If your company account is already connected and you want to integrate your Workfront Proof user profile, you only need to complete the Personal settings integration steps.

TICK.pngNetSuite setup in Account settings

As a Billing Administrator or Administrator you can set up NetSuite integration for the whole account in your Account settings.

To do this:

Once the integration is enabled, enter your NetSuite account ID (4) and save (5) the changes.


This completes the account-level integration. In order to connect the proofs to the NetSuite projects each Workfront Proof user should establish their own connection via the Personal Settings page.

TICK.pngNetSuite setup in Personal settings

Once your NetSuite and Workfront Proof accounts are connected, each of the Workfront Proof users that creates/manages the proofs should set their own connection in their Personal settings

  • Go to Personal settings
  • Open the Integrations tab (1)
  • Scroll down to the NetSuite section (2)
  • Make sure that the NetSuite integration for your Workfront Proof account* is set to "Enabled" (3)
  • Click "Connect to your NetSuite account" link (2)

Then enter your NetSuite credentials in the pop-up (5) and click "Activate" button (6) to complete the personal setup.


This completes the whole configuration and when your personal integration is active you can start connecting your proofs to the NetSuite projects.

If you want to re-connect your Workfront Proof profile to a different NetSuite user:

  • Go back to the Integrations tab on your Personal Settings page
  • In the NetSuite section click the "Switch NetSuite account" link (7)
  • In the pop-up enter credentials of another NetSuite user
  • Save the changes by clicking the "Activate" button

NOTE Connections can only be established with the users from the connected NetSuite account (as per NetSuite account ID (8) configured in the Workfront Proof Account Settings).

See also Reviewing a proof in NetSuite and Adding a proof to your NetSuite.

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