Workflow Templates

If your proofs are always reviewed by the same people, you can create Automated Workflow templates so that their email addresses are populated when a template is selected on the New proof page.

It doesn't matter if the review cycle is complex with many stages or if you simply need to have your content approved by a specific person in the company before it's sent out to the client: if your tasks repeat frequently, templates are the solution for you.

Administrators in the account can create as many templates as your company needs and the proof creator simply selects the one they need on the New proof page. The template can still be modified, so you can add or remove people before sending out the proof.

Workflow Page

Templates make setting up proofs with Automated Workflow effortless. Once the templates are set up in the account, all you have to do when you create a proof is select one from a drop-down menu. For more information, see "Understanding Automated Workflows."

Billing Administrators and Administrators can create and manage templates that they can share with the users from their own account. For more information about these roles and their permissions, see "Editing User Profiles and Permissions."

For Billing Administrators and Administrators, the Workflows page is easily accessible from the left navigation sidebar. 


On the Workflows page you can:

  • Add a new template (1)
  • Add a new template group (2)
  • Delete one or more template groups (3)
  • Access the template details (4)

You can organize templates by organizing them into groups. If you need to move them between groups, you can easily do so by dragging and dropping them between groups listed on the page.


Creating a New Template

To create a new Workflow template:

  1. Click Settings > Acccount Settings, then open the Workflow tab (1).
  2. Click New > New template.
  3. Type the Template name.
  4. Select the Template owner.
    Only Billing Administrators and Administrators can be owners of Workflow templates; the template owner is the only person allowed to modify the stages if the template permissions are disabled
  5. Select the Template group.
  6. Under Allow, select the template permissions you want available to the people with whom the template is shared.
    NOTE If the template has Add a stage and Add people to stages options disabled, then after the template is applied even the template or proof owner will not be able to add a stage or share the proof.

Viewing the Workflow Diagram

In the Stages section, you can see a diagram of the workflow you are setting up. As you continue to add stages, they will appear on the diagram with lines showing the dependencies between them. Clicking on a stage in the diagram will take you to the settings of that stage.

The diagram floats, which means it continues to be visible even if you scroll down the page.

If you don't need to see the diagram, you can click Hide Diagram.

Stage Settings


The stage name displays on the Workflow diagram and also displays in the email notifications sent to reviewers.

Activate stage

For each stage of your Workflow, you can decide when it is supposed to be activated. For your first stage, only the following are available:

  • On proof creation (1)
  • On a specific time and date (2)
  • Manually (3)

NOTE Only these three options are available for your first stage. The other options will become available when you add a second stage - they require you to select a parent stage.

The options that require picking a parent stage are:

  • After previous deadline is reached (4)
  • All decisions are Approved or Approved with changes (5)
  • All decisions are Approved (6)
  • All decisions are made (7)


You can set up a default calculation for the deadline on each stage of the workflow. The options here are:

  • From proof creation (8): In the deadline dropdown (10) you select the number of business days added to the proof creation date to automatically set a deadline on the proof.
  • From stage activation (9): n the deadline dropdown (10) you select the number of business days added to the stage activation date to automatically set a deadline on the proof.



You may want each stage to lock itself automatically when the reviewers are done. You can include this in the template as well, the options are:

  • Manual lock (11)
  • Never (12)
  • When the next stage starts (13)
  • When all decisions are made (14)

Primary decision maker

You set the Primary decision maker on the stage. Decision makers are available in the drop-down list only after you add reviewers to the stage.

NOTE If you select a Primary decision maker, the Only one decision required option is no longer available on this stage.

Only one decision required

You can enable Only one decision required on the stage. This means that the review will be completed once one of the decision makers makes their decision. For more information, see "Configuring Proof Settings."


Each stage can be made private. If a stage is private, the comments and decisions won't be visible to people who are not added to this stage or are not Supervisors and above in the account. For more information, see "Understanding Automated Workflows."

NOTE Do not allow this stage to be deleted.

If this option is selected on a stage, the stage will be mandatory on a proof. 

When the template is applied on a proof, none of the participants in the review cycle will be able to delete that stage and the last reviewer from that stage will not be removable either (a warning message displays).

Adding Reviewers

If each of your proofs is sent to the same people in a particular stage, you can add them to the template to save yourself the hassle of adding them manually every time you create a proof.

To add reviewers to a proof:

  1. Enter their name or email address (1).
  2. Set their role on the proof (2).
  3. Set their email alert (3).
  4. (Optional) To remove a reviewer from the stage, click on the trash icon next to their name (4).
  5. (Optional) To remove all reviewers from a stage, click on the top trash icon (5).
  6. (Optional) To move a reviewer between stages, drag and drop them from one stage to another.
    Available stages is highlighted in blue in the diagram, and the drop area on each stage turns blue as well.


Deleting a Stage From the Template

  1. Click the trash icon located in the top right corner of the stage (1).

NOTE If the Do not allow this stage to be deleted option is selected on the template for a stage, the delete stage icon is unavailable.

Sharing Templates

By default, when you create a workflow template it is shared with your whole company (all users in your organization). This means any of the users with the ability to create a proof will be able to pick the template from the dropdown on the New proof page and use it on the proof.

If you want the template to be available only to selected users, you can remove your company from the template and share it with the users specifically.

  1. In the Share template with section click on the trash icon to remove your company from the template (1).
  2. Add the users to the template by typing their names or email addresses (2).
    People that the template is shared with will the rights on the proof specified in the template details.

Managing Templates

To access the template details to manage the template settings:

  1. Click the name of the template (1).
    Alternatively, you can click the Actions menu for the template (2), then click View template details (3) in the drop-down menu.
    In the template details you can:
    • Share the template with additional users from your account (if the template is not shared with the whole company) (1).
    • Copy the template (2) to add a copy to the template list.
    • Delete the template (3).
    • Rename the template (4). Click in the field and edit it, then click outside of the box to save the changes.
    • Change the template owner (5).
    • Change the template settings (6).Modifying_template_details.png
      Before working with the stages of your template, you can change the view of the section for your convenience. The options are:
      • View a stage in detail (1)
      • View all stages (2)
      • View all stages in detail (3)
      • You can also show or hide the workflow diagram (4)
  2. To add people to a stage, Click Add people to a stage (1).
    1. Enter the person's name or email address to add them to the template (2).
    2. Set their role on the proof (3).
    3. Set their email alert (4).
    4. (Optional) To remove them from the template click on the trash icon next to their name (5).
      NOTE The deadline field is inactive as the deadline will be taken from the stage settings in the template.
    5. To add a stage, click New stage (1), then set the stage settings on the New stage page that appears.
      In the Workflow section you can also modify the settings for existing stages. You can do so by simply in-line editing the relevant field.Modifying_a_stage.png
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