Profiles - configuration


This tab is only visible to Billing Administrators and Administrators, and it lets you manage the Custom profiles in your account.

Custom profiles allow you to assign granular permissions to users in your account and define the level of access and rights they have over the items in your account.

Custom profiles are described in more detail here.


You can adjust the layout of the page before you start working with the profiles to view only the information relevant to you:

  • You can adjust the number of items displayed (1)
  • Filter the list of profiles to locate the ones you want to work with (2)
  • You can easily check the number of profiles you have in the account (3)

Profiles tab

The profiles tab lets you conveniently add and manage custom profiles.

Here you can:

Please see the Custom profiles help page for detailed instructions on managing Custom profiles.

Profile details

The profile details page lets you edit your Custom profiles.

Accessing the profile details

To access the profile details:

  • Click on the name of the profile (1)
  • Alternatively, click on the profile's actions menu (2)
  • Select View profile details (3)

Profile details page

The Profile details page allows you to modify the permissions enabled for your Custom profile, copy the profile, delete it and view the list of users to whom the profile is assigned.

Please visit the Custom profiles help page for a more detailed description of the options available on this page.

List of users with a profile assigned

To view the list of users who have been assigned a particular profile:

  • Click on the link showing the number of active and deactivated users with this profile (1).
  • Alternatively, this list is displayed on the Profile details page.

The list shows you both active and deactivated users in your account that have been assigned the profile in question. If your list is too long, you can conveniently adjust the layout of the page to view only the information you are looking for.

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