Viewing Details of Your Proof Account

You can view the account settings for your organization's Proof account.

  1. Click Settings in the upper-right corner of your Proof window, then select Account settings from the drop-down menu.
  2. Open the Details tab.
    You can view the following sections in the Details tab:
    Account Details
    Usage Statistics
    Your Plan

Account details

The Accounts Details section displays your organization's contact information, which is used as the default contact information for users on the account. As a system administrator, you can edit the account details.

  1. To edit the information on the Accounts details section, click Edit inline with the detail you want to change.
    You can edit the following information:
    Organization name (1): Displays the name of your company. 
    Contact information (2): Displays the default contact information for users in the Proof account.
    Default language (3): Displays the default language used in your Proof account.
    Time zone (4): Displays the default time zone for your organization.


Usage statistics

The Usage Statistic section displays your organization's counts and limits for the current billing period. You can view the following information in this section:

Storage Used (1): Displays the amount of storage currently used by Proof.

Proofs Used (2): Displays the number of proof used during the billing period.

Users Limit (3): Displays the number of users using Proof.

Your Plan

The Proof Plan section displays information about your Workfront Proof plan. You can view the following information in this section:

Current Plan (1): Displays your organization's current Workfront Proof plan.

Plan Renewal Date (2): Displays the renewal date for your organization's Workfront Proof plan.


This article last updated on 2018-09-19 17:21:47 UTC