Changing Your Workfront Proof Plan

Workfront Proof offers flexibility on monthly plans, allowing you to upgrade and downgrade at any time to suit your current proofing needs. Upgrades take immediate effect, giving you those much-needed additional users, proofs, or storage right away.

You can also downgrade your plan when your proofing requirements are less, allowing you to keep control of your proofing budget. Note that downgrades take effect at the beginning of the next billing period. 

If your proof usage varies greatly from month to month, the annual plan might be a better choice for your account. When you subscribe to an annual plan, the entire annual proof allocation is available to you up front, so you do not have to decide each month what plan your account should be on.

NOTE Only Billing Administrators can access the Billing page and change your Workfront Proof plan. (For more information, see "Editing User Profiles and Permissions in Workfront Proof.")

Changing your Workfront Proof plan

The following steps describe how to upgrade or downgrade your plan:

  1. In your Workfront Proof account, click Settings > Billing. (1)
  2. (Conditional) On the Billing page, if you have satellite accounts, make sure that the correct account is selected from the dropdown menu (2).
    For more information about satellite accounts, see "Satellite Accounts."
  3. Click Change plan (3)
    Click your current (4) or next (5) plan name.
    All the available plans are displayed.
    The Change Plan dialog box is displayed.
  4. Decide which Workfront Proof plan to subscribe to.

    You can:

    • Choose between the Standard (1), Select (2), and Premium (3) editions of Workfront Proof.
    • Check the general proof and storage allocations for each edition (4).
    • Review the list of features available for each edition (5); hovering over each feature displays a brief description of the feature.

    NOTE Upgrades and downgrades via your Billing page are available only within your current edition. See the steps below in the section "Changing your plan to the Standard edition." If you want to change your plan to a different edition, please contact your Executive using the options available in the Change Plan pop-up.

Changing your plan to the Standard edition

If you want to change your plan to one of the Standard plans:

  1. Select the number of users you need from the dropdown (1).
  2. Compare the cost of your existing plan (2) with the cost of the new plan (3).
  3. Check the price for an annual subscription (4)
  4. Hovering over the question mark (5) will show you the exact discount you will get if you decide to subscribe to an annual plan.
  5. When you decide on the plan, click on Choose plan (6) to continue with the change.
  6. A summary of your current plan and the new plan displays. To continue with the change, click Go to payment (7) to process the payment.
  7. In the Payment info screen:
    1. Review your Billing address information.
    2. Select your payment method.
    3. If you choose to pay by Credit Card, enter the Credit Card details.
    4. Proceed to the confirmation page.
    5. In the Review order screen:
      1. Double-check if all the details are correct (5).
      2. Submit your order (7).


  • If you place your order in the middle of a month your full monthly/annual price will be pro-rated (6).
  • If you selected Credit Card as your payment method your Credit Card will be automatically charged once you complete your order.
  • If you selected Bank your invoice with all the payment details will be available for download in the Billing history section of your Billing page.
  • Your subscription will be automatically renewing and we will be issuing the new invoices (and charge your Credit Card if this is selected) upon renewal.

Changing your plan to the Select or Premium edition

We recommend the Select and Premium edition plans for larger organizations. Because we realize that the review and approval processes can often be complicated, we would like to help you select the best plan for your organization's workflow needs. To change your plan to one of our Select or Premium editions:

  1. Select the number of users you need (1).
  2. Click on Contact us for pricing (2).
  3. Review the contact information, and click on Send (3).
  4. An Account Executive will get in touch with you to help you choose the best plan for your company.

Important information about upgrades and downgrades

  • Upgrades take immediate effect.
  • Downgrades take effect at the start of the next billing period.
  • You cannot downgrade if you have an outstanding invoice.
  • It is no longer possible to downgrade your account to a free plan.
  • If you upgrade during your existing subscription period, you will only be charged the difference in plan cost, pro-rated for the remainder of your subscription period.
This article last updated on 2018-11-19 03:03:47 UTC