Downloading Your Workfront Proof Invoice

On the first day of a new billing period, your subscription invoice is sent to the main Billing contact on your account and to the Billing CC email address, if you have one defined.

The invoice also appears in the Billing section of your Workfront Proof account, available for download. See "The Billing Page" if you need more information.

You will find the following information on your invoice:

  • Company name and address
  • Date of the invoice
  • Payment terms & due date
  • The details of your Workfront Proof plan (proof, user and storage limits)
  • PO number (if provided)
  • Ship to address (if provided)
  • Price of the plan
  • Vat amount (please also see FAQs)
  • Total amount due
  • Workfront Proof bank details
  • Workfront Proof address, company registration number and VAT ID

NOTE If the payment for that invoice has already been received (for example, for automated credit card payments), the payment terms and due date will show as paid and a reference number for the payment will appear in the description.

We issue all our automatic invoices for the subscriptions in USD by default, but for all UK organizations we include the Value-Added Tax (VAT) amount (in both USD and sterling) in the documents. If you want to receive your subscription invoices entirely in GBP, please contact our Finance team at

Downloading Your Invoice

  1. Click Settings > Billing.
  2. In the Billing History section of the Billing page that appears, click the dropdown menu at the right of the invoice, then select Download PDF Invoice.
    NOTE Services invoices (for example, for your Success Start program, Custom landing pages) are currently not available on your Billing page. If you need copies of these documents, please contact our Finance team at

Useful Links

To change the billing information on your account, go to the Billing contact and address section of the Billing page. See "The Billing Page"

For information on how to change the credit card details on your account, see "Choosing Your Payment Method."

For the detailed information on payments and invoicing, see "Account Payment." 

This article last updated on 2019-01-29 17:45:08 UTC