Workfront Proof - required subdomain setup

We are updating our system to begin supporting single sign-in across all Workfront product lines. This update will require us to set a subdomain on your Workfront Proof account beginning January 17, 2018.

NOTE: No action is required if you are using proofing integrated with Workfront, or you already have a sub-domain or custom domain set up on your Proof account no action is required.

How to check your Proof subdomain?

  • Log in to your Workfront Proof dashboard
  • Navigate to Account Settings>Settings page
  • Check the customised sub-domain section
  • If the field is empty, choose edit and enter a subdomain of your choice


How to enter sub-domain?

  • If your sub-domain field is empty choose Setup
  • Enter the sub-domain name in the field (without the part)
  • Save the changes


If you have any satellite accounts linked to your account make sure you enter new sub-domains for all the accounts you manage.



  • Going forward your login ULR will be adjusted to [yourdomain] We recommend updating all the bookmarks though the users will still be able to access via URL
  • All your new proof links will be generated with your new sub-domain - make sure you and your reviewers include this in the network whitelisting, if such network security measures are in place
  • The existing proof links generated without the sub-domain will continue working so there will be no impact on your current work
  • All new proof notifications will be arriving from notification@[yourdomain] so make sure this is taken info consideration in case spam settings adjustments are required

What happens after 17th January?

If you will not enter a sub-domains of your choice on your account(s) by 17th January, a sub-domain generated from your account's name will be automatically assigned. You will be able to check this in your Account Settings>Settings page as described above and you will have additional month to modify this in your panel. 

As mentioned above - once this new sub-domain is assigned you will want to make sure that it's whitelisted in your network and that spam filters are not blocking messages from the adjusted email address.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Workfront Customer Support. 

This article last updated on 2018-07-12 19:05:34 UTC