Creating a Follow-Up Ticket in Helpsite


How do I submit a follow up on a closed ticket without losing the historical data?


Creating a follow-up for a closed ticket

Once a ticket is closed, it cannot be altered or reopened. However, the request can create a follow-up request. This creates a new ticket that references the closed ticket and also pulls all of the original ticket data into the new ticket.

The channel for follow-up tickets is Closed ticket.

To create a follow-up for a closed ticket Locate the closed ticket that you want to create a follow-up for. You can do this by locating one of your closed tickets, by searching for the ticket number, or by creating a view for closed tickets and locating the ticket there.

When you view a closed ticket, you'll see the option to create a follow-up ticket.

Click Create follow-up.

A new ticket is created that contains the same data as the original ticket. Update the ticket data as needed and then click Submit to save the new ticket. The requester will receive an email notification for the new ticket. The new ticket is marked as a follow-up.