October - December 2017 Documentation Updates

This article describes changes that were made to the Workfront documentation between October - December 2017 based on features that are generally available (available to all Workfront customers).



Article Status

Effective Date

Calculating the Risk to Net Value in a Portfolio

Updated the calculations for the Risk value and Net Value indicators.

Updated Dec 20, 2017
Understanding Project Permissions

Updated information and screen shots about permissions on projects. 

Updated Dec 12, 2017
Understanding Template Permissions

Updated information about sharing projects at the template level. 

Updated Dec 12, 2017
Understanding Task Permissions

Updated information about the three levels of permissions when sharing tasks.

Updated Dec 12, 2017
Understanding Issue Permission

Updated information about the three levels of permissions when sharing issues and about automatically sharing issues at the project level.

Updated Dec 12, 2017
Configuring Your Firewall

Updated information about firewall configuration.

Updated Nov 30, 2017
Receiving Email Notifications Updated the screenshot of an instant Communication email to reflect the new look. Updated  Nov 29, 2017 
Creating and Managing Groups

Added section, "Prerequisites for Group Owners."

This section explains that Group Owners must also have Edit access to users.

Updated Nov 20, 2017
Managing User Allocations

Added section, "Time Zone Considerations on the Scheduling Timeline."

Updated Nov 17, 2017
Understanding the Portfolio Optimizer

Updated information about financial fields accessible in the Portfolio Optimizer and customizing the Project Prioritization area.

Updated Nov 7, 2017
Exporting Data

Updated article with information about the titles and the file names of exported lists and reports.

Updated Nov 3, 2017
Navigating within a Portfolio

Updated information about navigating within a portfolio.

Updated Nov 1, 2017
Approving a Business Case

New article that describes how you approve a Business Case for a project request.

New Oct 13, 2017
Setting Condition on Tasks and Issues

Updated article to include setting Condition on issues.

Updated Oct 12, 2017
Transferring Custom Form Data from Issues and Tasks to Tasks or Projects During Converting Them

Updated article with more information about the access and permissions needed for converting items and copying custom forms, and with instructions on how to transfer information from the custom form of an issue or task to the custom form of another item as you are converting the issue or the task.

Updated Oct 12, 2017


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