Maintenance Update on April 26, 2017

The following customer-reported issues were addressed.

These issues are available in the Preview environment prior to being made generally available in the OnDemand environment:

Preview: March 29, 2017

Generally available: April 26, 2017

Ref # Name Application Area
18197436 Whoops! Errors and Response Code 500 Errors when navigating or making Updates in their system Custom Data
18675458 Unable to delete Deactivated Users User Details
18232092 Approvals able to be added to parent tasks when task is a recurring task, causing approvals to get stuck in My Work area Approvals
18241250 Custom Fields with period in field name, on Agile Story Cards don't appear Agile
18274533 Gantt Export Error in Report Gantt
18314134 No Notification sent by email on a Task Approval Rejection Notifications
17983614 "Edit Custom Form" checkbox under Requester's access in Queue Setup is being constantly automatically unchecked by the system. Queues
18317788 Calendar task display order Calendar
18311497 Timesheet Submitted email notice time stamp wrong timezone Notifications
17977403 Agile - assignment field missing message keys Agile
17965055 "Request Assignment to Issue Primary Contact" event handler sends email about issue assignment even though the user had already been assigned. Email Processing
18642888 Risk "Description" Field does not sort correctly when selected to sort by Project Management
18628978 The number listed on the Work Request tab values indicator doesn't match the number of tasks listed in the Tabs lists of Ready to Start or All. MyWork
18322312 <User> gave <user X> ability to Share System Wide update in update stream Update Feeds/Audit/Journal Entries
18344319 Unable to edit planned dates on a task which is assigned to an Agile Team Agile, In-Line Edit
18254268 In the Exclude tab on the save project as template window the task list is being re-ordered based on the last update date Project Management
18452139 User being removed as an approver upon viewing the proof PHQ Review & approval tool
17205175 Approval Requests List not displayed properly, Bar is in the middle of the list. Approvals, MyWork
18181722 Projects Timeline Recalculations Task Detail, Project Management
18213224 When creating a Project from a Template Resource Managers are duplicated. Resource Scheduling
17944928 Report filter is not returning results that meet the filters Report Results
18215813 Layout template showing new calendar when it shouldn't be MyWork
18175146 Finding the list of Recipients who had received a reply from Workfront during POP Processing Email Processing
18243193 Inconsistent behavior on Done button and task complete Project Management
17220741 Text Mode in reporting not saving for specific customer report Report Builder
18239456 Notifications not showing in Notification box/list when user is given new assignment that has job role assigned that is same as user's role Notifications
17789272 Notifications button loads and then only shows 1 notification. Clicking +[#] more takes you to view All notifications. Notifications
17967470 Master Collapse Button not showing intermittently Dashboards
18648533 Re: Proof mode - tools hidden by approval options box in French PHQ Viewer
16322072 Group Owners field not displaying data Report Results
18011812 Unable to View Workfront Announcements Details Notifications, Navigation
17990658 Unable to see data from Chart report Report Results
18138775 Problem With Dropdown Fields People
17995397 Adding an "OR" Statement to a Report causes the results to be inaccurate Report Results
18215380 Cannot remove 2 users from system Report Builder
17209891 Not able to drill down into chart when grouping by date custom calculated field Report Results
18195316 Error - Cant delete task created from an update. It thinks it has to delete the original note? Access Levels/Security
18208450 Milestone Report on Dashboard Format issue Dashboards
18210021 Being Assigned Resource Manager Removes Ability to Delete Project Resource Scheduling
17547894 Horizontal Scrollbars in Dashboard when text mode is used in the report Dashboards
18139811 Timesheet Notifications Not Working - "23 hours after End Date arriving after RN for 24 hours after end date" Notifications
18244151 Unable to Move Tasks that have been Approved Project Management
18183279 Unexpected Behavior When Deleting a Task Project Management
18177183 When making a direct update or an assignment in the preview sandbox on the web a push notification is sent to the on-demand on the mobile app. Mobile Notifications
18282411 When creating a project via template, if you remove yourself as the project owner, it automatically add you back when you click save. Templates
18144464 SMTP TLS encryption Email Processing
16801555 Problem with a filter in reports   Let's try that again. (57865bfc00062889722753af14469009) Report Results
16799780 API: Issue with Int becoming decimal datatype Project Management, Templates
18267721 Resource Manager cannot create a filter in the Scheduling tool Resource Scheduling
18205561 Project Agile Burn Down Chart Showing 3.81 of 0 Planned Hours Complete Agile
17548903 When replying to comments via email in Outlook Czech characters are displayed as question marks Update Stream, Email Processing
18229288 "I'm set as a sponsor on a project" notification is not triggering for a Project Sponsor when a Project is move from "Planning" to "Current" Status Notifications
17921585 Inline Edit :Unable to indent tasks in line Lists
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