Workfront 2018.1 January Preview Releases

Webinar Recording

The Workfront 2018.1 January Preview Releases Webinar was presented on January 23, 2018. This webinar focused on the new functionality that has been made available in Preview during the month of January.


Webinar Q&A


Does Home have to be enabled for an entire team?
No, this is currently an opt-in feature. As a system administrator, you can choose who you want to see the new Home feature. For more information, see “Configuring User Visibility to the Home Area.”

When will "Ready to Start" be added to Home?
There is not a set date, but it is coming. The plan is for Home to be in parity with My Work.

My Work is only available to Plan and Worker licenses, not Requester and Reviewer. Will this remain the same with Home?
Yes, this will work the same way as My Work.

Will the doc preview icons appear smaller in Home when not showing an image?
There are currently no plans for this.

Is it mandatory to switch to Home or can we keep My Work?
Home is currently an opt-in feature; however, My Work will eventually be deprecated after Home is officially released.

Gantt Chart

Can you have an effort driven task for leveling?
No, you cannot.

If you change predecessor relationships on the Gantt chart, will it affect the dates?
Yes it will, but only when you hit the Save button.

Does changing the duration in the chart modify the planned effort hours for the task?

Are changes made in the Gantt view tracked in the Updates tab?
If the field being changed in the Gantt view is enabled in the Audit Feed, then it will be tracked in the Updates tab.


Will the Report Usage stats be retroactive?
Report usage data will be captured starting with March 2018. No data before that date is captured.

Does viewing a report within a dashboard count as a report view?

With the Report Usage feature, will system administrators see changes made on the reports?
No, this feature will not track changes, just usage.


When would linking a proof be helpful?
Linking a proof is helpful if you have proofs that were uploaded in Workfront Proof before you integrated with Workfront, and you would like to make them available in your Workfront instance.

Can you combine video clips in a proof?
You can combine only static proofs. Rich media files, such as video and interactive proofs, cannot be combined.

Can users without a Proof license see the proof progress?
No, users without a Proof license do not have access to proofing functionality, including proof progress indicators.

Can reviewers see the Proof Progress icons?
Yes, users with a Review license can see proof progress indicators.

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