Cross Object References in Calculated Custom Data

It is possible to create Calculated Fields using attributes from other objects.

Cross-object references as part of custom data are slightly different from those used in the Text Mode interface for filters and views. Instead of using the bean reference (:), which is always in camel case, object aliases have been developed for the Custom Data interfaces.

With Text Mode attributes you navigate between relationships using a colon; however, when making these connections in Calculated fields you will use a period.

Remember it is not possible to reference data from child objects (subtasks). For example, you cannot pull task data into a project-level expression because of the sub level relationship. However, from the task perspective, you can always include project-level details. 

Object: Project Name

Text Mode Reference: project:name

Custom Data Reference: 

This article last updated on 2017-11-10 21:06:04 UTC