Custom Refresh and Preview Sandbox Links for CL04 Customers


There are two testing environments for Workfront that are replicas of your Workfront production environment:

  • The Custom Refresh Sandbox
  • The Preview Sandbox

Workfront accounts on Cluster 4 (EMEA datacenter) can access their Custom Refresh Sandbox only using a URL (and not via the link from System>Preferences). To find out what cluster your account is on, contact our Customer Care team. 

In the cases when the Preview Sandbox is not accessible from Setup's link, it can be accessed via URL as well.



1. To access your Custom Refresh Sandbox using a URL:

  1. Navigate to this URL if you have only one Custom Refresh Sandbox: (Sandbox1)
    Navigate to either one of these URLs if you have two Custom Refresh Sandboxes:  (Sandbox1)  (Sandbox2)

  2. Log in using your Custom Refresh Sandbox credentials. 
    Your Custom Refresh Sandbox credentials are the same as your production credentials, unless you have changed your production credentials since your Custom Refresh Sandbox was last refreshed. The logins are synchronized only when a refresh occurs. They do not synchronize automatically.
    The synchronization is manually scheduled by your System Administrator.

2. To log into the Preview Sandbox using a URL:

  1. Navigate to this URL (fill in your company's workfront domain): https://[companyname]

  2. If the URL doesn't work please navigate to this URL:

  3. Log in using your Preview credentials.
    Your Preview credentials should be the same as your production credentials, unless you changed them in Production after the Preview refresh happened.  The logins are synchronized only when a refresh occurs. 
    Please see the following article for details on dates of the synchronization for each cluster: Preview Sandbox environment refresh dates and time

    NOTE If you had bookmarks linking to the old URL for the Preview Sandbox (attasksandbox), please make note of this change and update the URL in your bookmarks.