Searching by Numbers in Workfront


Ever wonder why when you search for part of a reference number you don't always get the expected results?


Scenario: You go to the all search or object specific search and type in a number like 34331, and you get that object returned along with any other objects that have that number. You then think you would like to broaden that search by looking for a value that is 3433, leaving off the 1 at the end. You would think that you should get the same results or more right? Sadly you would not be correct, in fact, you could get even less or none at all. The reason is that we do not use Fuzzy searching within Workfront for number searching. This does the volume of numbers that occur within Workfront i.e. GUID's, Reference numbers, etc... If a customer wants to search that way they would want to likely use either a word reference or create a report that specifies the field they want.