How to Download a Proof with Comments Included

How to download a Proof with comments included? 

There are 3 ways to export a Proof document:

1) You can export a Proof into PDF format by navigating to the Proof > Print summary > Export to PDF icon, after clicking on export you will shortly receive an email with the link to the file,  all your comments will be included on the PDF file and will include the entire document.

2) You can export the proof in Excel format by navigating to Proof > Print summary > click on Excel icon, 
In the Excel file it will only include the information about updates which have been made on the proof: comments, when they have been added and what content has been added but not the full Proof document. 

3) You can also just click on the print button alongside with the Export to PDF button, but in this case only the commented pages will be printed.