Logging in to the New URL with SSO

Workfront is in the process of transitioning from our old URL ( to our new URL (  For customers not currently using SSO, you can simply begin to use the new URLs to access Workfront. No other changes are required.  If your instance uses Single Sign On however you may need some action to ensure proper functionality.  The instructions below will walk you through trying to log into the new URL with SSO.  If successful your users will be able to log into the new URL without issue.


  1. Open either an incognito window in Chrome or Private Browsing window in your browser of choice.  (Some instructions for doing so are below.)

    • IE/Edge: Ctrl + Shift + P
    • Chrome/Firefox: Ctrl + Shift + N

  2. Enter your URL as where "domain" is the underlined portion of your old URL (  If everything works correctly you will be taken to your login page.  Your page may differ from the one shown below. 
    NOTE: Depending on how your SSO System is configured by your IT staff, you may be passed directly to your Workfront Home Page.


  3. Enter your Username and Password if prompted and press enter.

    • If you reach your Workfront Home Page no action is required to prepare for the URL change and you can stop at this point.  
    • If you receive any other message or page please continue to step 4.


  4. If you get a page with an error while attempting to log in, you will need to involve your IT personnel to make appropriate changes to your Single Sign On Provider.  The error may be the same, similar, or different from the one shown below.


We have prepared an article for you to send to your IT team that will explain the situation and what is needed of them.  Please refer them here for a detailed explanation of the changes we are making and what will be required of them: SSO URL Change

If at any time you have questions about these steps please contact our Technical Support team and they will be happy to assist you.

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