Error: SSO Users Are Unable to Log In to Workfront Due to Various Errors


I am unable to log in to Workfront and received one of the following errors:

  • Sorry, you can't access Workfront through this login screen. Workfront is set up for Federated Single Sign-On with SAML 2.0. Please contact your system administrator.
  • That username/password combination wasn't quite right. Make sure your caps lock isn't on and try again.
  • Sorry, you do not have access to Workfront. Please contact your system administrator to get a username and password.


Your Workfront instance uses SSO, and you are trying to log in through an incorrect URL. Make sure you're logging in using the correct URL without anything after ".com"

TIP Remove any existing bookmarks that have invalid URLs.


This article last updated on 2019-07-18 14:57:38 UTC