Interactions Between the Commit Date and the Planned Completion Date


What is the relationship between the commit date and the planned completion date?


  • The commit date is meant to show when the assignee will be done with the assignment.
  • The planned completion date is intended to show the expected due date.

The PM may assign a task or an issue to someone and include a planned completion date.
When the assignee gets the work item, he/she will see the commit date as the planned completion date, unless he/she requests to change it.

If the PM does not include a planned completion date, the user will be able to choose the commit date. By changing the planned completion date, the PM will also change the commit date until the assignee clicks 'Work On It' and then the PM will not be able to modify the commit date, only the assignee will be able to.

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This article last updated on 2017-05-17 15:25:23 UTC