Interactions Between the Commit Date and the Planned Completion Date

The following list explains the interactions between the Commit date and the Planned completion date:

  • What is the Commit date?
    • The Commit date is meant to show when the assignee will be done with the assignment.
      For more information about Commit dates, see "Understanding Commit Dates."
  • What is the Planned Completion date?
  • How do they interact?
    • If the project manager assigns the task or issue a Planned Completion date, the Commit date will be the same date. The assignee working on the task or issue can request to change the Planned Completion date by changing the Commit date.
    • If the project manager does not assign a Planned Completion date, the assignee working on the task can choose the Commit date which will then set the Planned Completion date.
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