Project Owner Is Unable to Share Project or Any of Its Tasks with a Team

Issue Symptoms

A project owner is unable to share their project or any of its tasks, with a Team. The Team is not available to share and cannot be found.


A project owner attempts to share a project or any of the project's tasks with a Team. The Team is not available to share.


Edit the project owner's user settings. Verify, the user's access level.

  1. Go to Setup > Access Levels
  2. Edit the user's Access Level.
  3. Remove the check box from: "View only companies, groups & teams they belong to."
    or a less viable possible solution would be
  4. The project owner would need to be assigned to the team they are attempting to share with. This will work but, is not the best solution.
This article last updated on 2017-12-14 20:48:13 UTC