Understanding the Documents Area

You can organize and manage documents in Workfront in the Documents area.

The Documents area includes several features that allow you to manage documents in Workfront.

Understanding the Documents Area

There is a Documents area in the Global Navigation Bar, as well as on all projects, tasks, and issues. Features and functionality are the same regardless of which Documents area you are in. For information on the different fields included on documents, see "Viewing Document Details."

Global Documents Area: The Documents area in the Global Navigation Bar provides access to all documents that you have access to in Workfront. You access global documents from the Documents section in the Global Navigation Bar.

Documents in Projects, Tasks, and Issues: Each project, task, and issue has its own Documents area. You access the Documents area from the Documents tab on the details page for each project, task, and issue.

From the left-hand pane, users are able to view document details, manage document approvals and comments, and add and edit custom data. Both the right and left-hand panes may be collapsed as needed. The preview button allows users a quick view, which is particularly useful for images.

Folders in the Documents Area

The Documents area consists of both smart folders (available only within the Documents area) and personal document folders, called My Folders.  

Smart Folders: Configure a filter to show only those documents that you are specifically interested in seeing.

Personal folders: Allow you to organize documents in the Documents area. Organizing documents does not relocate the object from the work item; rather, it creates a link between the document on the object and the folder.

Adding Documents to Workfront

You can upload new documents, link documents from other sources, and manage versions of documents. For information on uploading documents, see "Adding Documents to Workfront."

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