Managing Documents with Workfront DAM

Workfront DAM is a native Digital Asset Management (DAM) system within Workfront. Workfront DAM provides a single location where you can store your digital assets and easily leverage them from Workfront. You can save documents from Workfront to Workfront DAM, and you can add documents to Workfront via Workfront DAM.

Saving Documents to Workfront DAM

You can save documents from Workfront to Workfront DAM:

  1. From any Documents tab within Workfront, select the file that you want to save to Workfront DAM.
  2. Click Document Actions, then click Send To, then click Workfront DAM.
  3. Click the location where you want to save the document.

For information about how to also include document metadata when saving documents from Workfront to Workfront DAM, see "Configuring Workfront to Send Metadata to Workfront DAM" in "Configuring Document Integrations."

Adding Documents from Workfront DAM

You can add documents to Workfront from Workfront DAM:

  1. Navigate to the location in Workfront where you want to add documents from Workfront DAM.
  2. Click the Documents tab.
  3. Click the Add Documents drop-down list, then click From Workfront DAM.
  4. Browse to and select the documents that you want to reference in Workfront.
    Thumbnail images are displayed in addition to file names when the Thumbnail icon is selected.
    After the documents are added to Workfront, the Workfront logo is displayed next to the document. This indicates that the document resides in Workfront DAM.
This article last updated on 2017-04-14 19:00:09 UTC