Workfront Mobile App



You can use the Workfront mobile app to access your work in Workfront on any iOS or Android mobile device.

If you are a project stakeholder and you need access to reporting data, use the Workfront View app instead.

  • Getting Started
    Find out information about supported mobile devices, how to install the mobile app, how to enable and disable areas in the app. Browse security information and details about what functionality is not yet available in the mobile app. 
  • Accessing Your Profile Information and Configuring Your Mobile App
    Find out how to access your profile information, submit feedback, log out, and update the configuration of your mobile app. 
  • Managing Your Work
    Find out information about how to manage your work items, approvals, how to edit custom forms, and how to view and contact users in the Workfront mobile app.
  • Submitting Requests
    Find out how to submit requests to a request queue using the Workfront mobile app.
  • Viewing Notifications
    Find out how to view and configure push notifications for the Workfront mobile app.
  • Logging Time 
    Find out how to log time on a work item and how to work with timesheets in the Workfront mobile app. 
  • Working with Documents
    Find out how to view, open, and proof a document using the Workfront mobile app. 
  • Working with Projects
    Find out how to view project details, documents, and update projects in the Workfront mobile app. 
  • Searching in the Mobile App
    Find out how to search for Workfront items using iOS Searchlight Search, or how to perform a search inside the app. 
  • Sharing Options in the Mobile App
    Find out how to share a URL or copy text in the Workfront mobile app to share it with other applications.
  • Accessing Beta Environments for the Workfront Mobile App
    Learn how you can access our beta environment for the mobile app and test new features that are not yet available to the general audience.

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This article last updated on 2019-01-24 18:15:35 UTC