Changing Widgets


Quite a bit of information can be viewed on a project details page. However, users may also change widgets to see different details.  


To use and change Widgets, tap the little nub at the bottom middle of the screen.


Scroll through the widgets in the drawer by dragging to the right or left. Tap and hold an icon and drag it onto a widget above. You can also rearrange the widgets by dragging them to another location. 

To update your widgets, navigate back to the projects list and drag the project list towards the bottom of the screen. A refresh icon will appear to update information in Workfront View. It may take up to one hour for updated information to show.

Workfront View has a widget that will allow you to view documents associated with a project. You can also open all text, pdf, image, and xls files using 'View.' 

This article last updated on 2016-03-31 21:34:04 UTC