Converting Issues To Projects That Have A Template

You can convert an existing issue to a project or task.

If an issue will take more than eight hours to resolve or complete, it should be changed into a task. If the issue is complex, it can also be converted to a project and, in turn, be divided into two or more tasks. 

To convert an issue to a task or project:

  1. Navigate to the Issues tab on a project where the issue resides. 
  2. Click the name of the issue that you want to convert to a task or project to navigate to the issue landing page.

  3. Click the Issue Actions menu.
  4. To convert the issue to a task, click Convert to Task
    To convert the issue to a project, click Convert to Project.
  5. (Conditional) If you are converting the issue to a project, select the template to use.

    The Convert to Project or the Convert to Task dialog box is displayed.

  6. Specify the following information:
    Name: Specify a name for the project. 
    Description: Specify a description for the project. The description is shown when viewing a list of projects.
    Project: (Available only when converting an issue to a task) Select the project where you want the task to reside.
    Keep the original issue and tie its resolution to the task: Select this option if you want to link the new task on the project you chose to the original issue. If you select this option, the issue will complete when the task completes.
    Allow User Name to have access to this task: Select this option if you want the user who originally created the issue to have access to the new task or project.
    Keep the planned completion date of the issue: Select this option to set the planned completion date of the new task or project to be the same as the planned completion date of the original issue.
  7. Click Save Changes.
    The issue has now successfully been converted to a project. Set any further project details ​(project owner, project dates) and additional tasks to start the project.