Moving Issues

You can move issues when you have the following levels of access:

  • Access to Create issues.
    The system administrator grants this access, as described in "Issue Access."
  • Contribute rights to the item where you are moving the issue with Add Issues enabled.
    The system administrator or object owner grants this permission.

You can move an issue:

  • From one project to another.
  • From one task to another.
  • From a task to a project.
  • From a project to a task. 

Be aware of the following when moving issues that contain documents or are associated with a request queue:

  • When an issue is associated with a requests queue: When you move an issue to another object and the issue is associated with a request queue, the moved issue is no longer associated with the original queue the first issue originated from.
  • When a document is attached to the issue: When you move an issue to another object and the issue has a document attached to it, the document, its versions and proofs also move to the new issue. Any approvals associated with the document do not move.
  • When an issue is linked to a document or a folder: When you move an issue which has documents or folders linked to a a third party service like Google Drive, the links to the documents move with the issue. 

To move an issue:

  1. Navigate to the Project that contains the issues that you want to move. 
  2. Click the Issues tab.
  3. Select the issue(s) you want to move.
  4. Click More, then Move to.
  5. In the Move Issues dialog box, specify the name of the project where you want to move the issues.
  6. (Optional) Click Next Step, if you want to choose a task to move the issue under.
  7. (Optional) Select the task you want to move the issue to.
  8. Click Finish and Move Issues. 
    The issue(s) has (have) been moved to the specified project or task.