Inline Editing Objects


Inline Editing Considerations

There are some limitations when inline editing a list of objects:

  • You can only edit fields or objects you have access to Contribute or Manage.
  • You can only edit fields you have access to Edit. 
    For example, you may not have access to edit certain custom fields, or the status of an item.
  • You cannot edit calculated fields or Workfront native field that are calculations. 
  • Fields that belong to objects associated with the objects in the list are not editable.
    Only fields associated directly to the objects in the list can be edited. 
    For example, you can edit the Status of a task in a task report, but you cannot edit the Name of the project the task is associated with in the same report. You can edit the Name of the Project, only in a project report. 
  • You cannot edit flags and icons displayed in a list. 
  • When an object does not have the custom form which contains the field displayed in the list associated with the object, and you inline edit the field in a list, this action automatically attaches the custom form to the object. 
    If the field exists on multiple custom forms, the custom form which was most recently updated is attached to the object.

Editing Objects Inline

You can edit objects inline when they display in a list or report. Virtually all object displayed in lists or reports are inline editable in Workfront.

When you edit the information on objects displayed in a list or report, the object is also updated immediately. 

To inline edit any object:

  1. Navigate to a list of objects you want to inline edit.
    The list should display fields that belong to the objects or fields that belong to objects associated with the objects in the list.  
  2. Click inside any field displayed in the list.
    This turns the field displayed in the list into an editable cell.
  3. Edit the information inside this cell, then click Enter.


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