Default Issues Statuses



The Issues Statuses are located under the 'Status' drop-down found when updating or editing an issue. The core issue statuses are used to indicate the current state of an issue in its lifecycle.


Custom reports can be created to show issues in any particular status. Issue statuses can also be customized

Workfront Issues Statutes: 

New - (considered open) The issue has been entered in Workfront but no effort has been applied to the issue yet.

In Progress - (considered open) A resource is working on the issue. Notifications can also be set to communicate to the issue originator work has begun.

Cannot Duplicate - (considered complete) This status is only available for issues with the 'Bug' issue type. This issue type is typically used in software development environments to differentiate between defects and other issues that may develop during a software development project. This status can be used to communicate to the issue originator the issue cannot be replicated and, therefore, there is no resolution for the issue.

Awaiting Feedback - (considered open) The assigned resource cannot complete the issue until the originator of the issue provides further details. While the issue is in this status, it appears in the 'My Issues' report for both the originator and the assigned resource.

On Hold - (considered open) The issue is still open but it is going to be delayed. This status allows the assigned resource to clear it off his/her 'Open Issues' list until it becomes priority again.

Won't Resolve - (considered complete) This status is used when there is no possible resolution to the issue. This status can be used to indicate any known problems that don't have enough strategic value to pursue, allowing you to create a 'Known Issues' list.

Reopened - (considered open) Designed for an issue believed to be resolved but then requires further action. This status triggers the issue to re-appear in the 'My Issues' report for the assigned resource as well as the 'Open Issues' report for the project.

Closed - (considered complete) A 'Closed' issue is closely related to the 'Resolved Issue' status. The difference is that the 'Closed' status is usually intended to label any issues that are no longer a problem and do not require work to complete them.

Resolved - (considered complete) A 'Resolved Issue' is similar to a 'Closed Issue' status with the exception that a 'Resolved Issue' involves work that is complete. This status can be deleted by an administrator if it is not necessary.


Each status triggers the issue to appear in certain reports. Although there are several issue status options, each status option renders an issue either open or closed. This determines if the issue appears in the 'Open Issues' report at the project level, or the 'My Issues' report on the Workfront Home page. Any issues that do not appear in these reports are set to either 'Won't Resolve, Cannot Duplicate, Closed, or Resolved'  and are considered closed.


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