Resource Leveling

Understanding Resource Leveling

Leveling your resources on a project has two purposes:

  • To automatically adjust over-allocation of time for assignees.
  • To automatically create a realistic task schedule for a project. 

If the same resource is assigned to two different tasks, you can use resource leveling to adjust the timeline of the tasks so they will not occur at the same time. 

Consider the following when leveling resources on a project:

  • Resource leveling only applies to one project, so Workfront does not level resources across more than one project at a time.
  • If Effort Driven is selected as a Duration Type, Workfront will not level the resources.
  • When multiple users are assigned to the same task, leveling will be canceled.
  • Conditions for the type of Task Constraint will take precedence over the leveling of resources. For example, if Fixed Dates is selected as the Task Constraint, resource leveling will not change the task dates.
  • Predecessor relationships will take precedence over resource leveling.
  • Resource Leveling needs to be set to Manual for the project in order to adjust leveling in the Gantt chart. Users can have the system automatically level resources by adjusting this setting on the project and selecting Automatic instead of Manual.

Applying Resource Leveling in the Legacy Gantt Chart

  1. Navigate to a project.
  2. Click More, then click Legacy Gantt.

  3. Click the Resource Leveling icon.

  4. Select Level Now
    Workfront automatically finds the next available time from the schedule of the over-allocated users, and moves over-allocated tasks to another time. By default, Workfront will look at the task ID number to prioritize this adjustment. In general, tasks with lower ID numbers take precedence over tasks with higher ID numbers.
  5. Click Save

Understanding Leveling Delay

Leveling Delay is the amount of time by which a task is delayed as a result of resource conflicts.

Workfront levels resources or addresses resource conflicts by rescheduling resources and tasks so that all tasks can be completed within a realistic schedule. In the process, some tasks experience a Leveling Delay. This delay is introduced in order to allow tasks to be completed based on resource constraints. In other words, a task might be delayed as Workfront levels various tasks to allow for a realistic schedule that overcomes resource conflicts.

To manually add a Leveling Delay to a task:

  1. Navigate to a task for which you want to add a Leveling Delay.
  2. Click Edit Task.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Specify the Leveling Delay, in hours. 
    This is the time that the resource will be delayed starting the task due to resource conflicts.
  5. Click Save Changes