Understanding Financial Permissions


The highlighted information on this page refers to functionality not yet generally available. It is available only in the Preview Sandbox environment.

Understanding Financial Permissions

When you share tasks, issues, or projects with another user in Workfront you can grant them permissions to View or Manage financial information on those items. They must have access to at least View Financial Data in their Access Level before they can see financial information on the objects that are shared with them.
For more information about granting access to Financial Access in the Access Level, see "Understanding Financial Access."

As the owner of an object, you have Manage permissions to the objects you create and you can grant permissions to other users on those objects. When sharing permissions on an object, you determine what permissions other users should have around the financial information of that object.

Regardless of Finance access or permissions, a user can always view Expenses they add and any that are added by their direct reports. Users who are granted administrative access to Expenses in their Access Level can view all expenses in the system.
For more information about granting administrative access, see "Administrative Access."

You must give users financial permissions on objects in order for them to view or budget resource allocations on projects. The Workfront administrator must also grant them access to Resource Management in addition to these financial permissions. For information about Resource Management access, see "Understanding Resource Management Access."

Sharing an Object and Granting Financial Permissions

Consider the following when granting Financial permissions to objects:

  • You can grant financial permissions to projects, tasks, and issues.
  • Permissions can be inherited: if you have View Finance permissions to a project you automatically inherit View Finance permissions to the tasks and issues on the project.

To grant Financial permissions to an object:

  1. Go to a task, project, or issue that you want to share with another user.
  2. Click <Object Name> Actions, then click Sharing.
  3. Specify a user, team, role, group or a company that you want to share the object with.
  4. From the drop-down menu next to the name of the entity you selected, select one of the following options:
    • View it
    • Contribute it
    • Manage it 
  5. Click Advanced Settings, then select the following:
    • View Finance: If you selected View, Contribute, or Manage permissions.
    • Manage Finance: If you selected Manage permissions. This is not available for issues.
  6. Click Save.

Understanding Financial Permission for All Sharing Levels

The following table displays what financial permissions users gain when you grant them View, Contribute, or Manage permissions on objects:

Actions Manage Contribute View
Manage Billing Records    
Manage/ View Role Billing and Cost Rates    
Manage/ View User Billing and Cost Rates    
View Finance  ✓
View information by Cost in the Resource Planning tools*
Budget resources in the Resource Planning tools*    
View resources in the Resource Planning tools*

*Requires additional Resource Management access.
For information about Resource Management access, see "Understanding Resource Management Access."

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