Granting Permission

Users can request access to objects within Workfront. For more information about requesting access, see "Requesting Permission."

If you are the owner of an object, you might be required to grant or deny access.

Managing Access Requests

You can view and manage access requests made to you in one convenient location.

Access requests that are no longer valid (because they were granted by another user) are automatically removed from your access list after two weeks.

To manage access requests made to you:

  1. Click My Work in the Global Navigation bar.
  2. Click the Approvals tab, then click My Approvals.
  3. Click Access.
    All access requests that have been made to you are displayed.
  4. (Optional) If the user included a message with the request, the message is displayed next to the orange message icon. 
  5. In the Change access drop-down list, select the level of access that you want to grant to the user.
    Click Ignore to remove the access request from your list.
    The user who is requesting access is not notified that you ignored the request, and the request is still displayed in the user's Work I've Submitted for Approval area.
  6. Click Grant Access.

Configuring Email Notifications For Requests

You can configure whether you receive email notifications for access requests. Your system administrator can disable this functionality (as described in "Enabling and Disabling Event Notifications").

  1. Click your avatar in the upper-right corner of the Global Navigation bar, then click My Settings.
  2. Click Preferences, or scroll to the Preferences section.
  3. In the Email Me When drop-down list, select or deselect Someone requests access from me, depending on whether you want to receive email notifications when another user requests access from you or not.
  4. Click Save Changes.
This article last updated on 2017-04-07 20:24:15 UTC