Navigating Within the Portfolio Area

The Portfolio Area includes a couple of features to help enhance visibility and collaboration.

In Workfront, a portfolio represents a collection of projects that compete for the same resources, budget, schedule, and priority. The primary purpose of the portfolio is to assist executive management, project management officers (PMO), and other decision-makers in selecting the projects that provide the most benefit to an organization. To locate the portfolios area, navigate to Projects > Portfolios.

The 'Portfolios I Own' and 'All Portfolios' subtabs provide easy navigation to the lists you want. You can add new portfolios as you do new projects. This way you can quickly see the health of your portfolios and know if the portfolio is on time and on budget. Portfolio creation and organization is done by collecting high-level information during project creation through a project request form (PRF).

Portfolios are usually configured to correspond directly with resource pools. This correlation helps to ensure all resource capacity planning fits within the purpose of the portfolio, which as was mentioned earlier, is to compare projects competing for the same resources.