Adding a Project to a Program

You can organize your projects by adding them to portfolios, or by adding them to programs within portfolios. You can have multiple programs and multiple projects inside one portfolio. You can have multiple projects inside one program.

You can only associate one project with one program and with one portfolio at one time. The program with which you associate the project must belong to the portfolio that you want the project associated with. 

To add a project to a program:

  1. Navigate to the portfolio that contains the program where you want to add the project. 
    For more information about creating a portfolio, see "Creating Portfolios."
  2. Click the Programs tab. 
  3. Click the program that the projects will be added to. 
  4. Using the header bar, click Add Projects.
  5. (Conditional) To create a new project to add to the program, do either of the following:​
    • Click New Project, then specify a name for the project.
      For more information about creating a new project, see "Creating a New Project." 
    • In the New from Template section, click a template from which you want to base a new project. For more information about creating a project from a template, see "Creating a Project Using a Template."
    • Click Import MS Project to create a new project that is based on a project from Microsoft Project. For more information about creating a new project by importing it from Microsoft Project, see "Importing a Project from Microsoft Project."
  6. (Conditional) To add an existing project to the program:
    1. Click Existing Project.
      The Add Projects dialog box is displayed. 

    2. Begin typing the name of the project that you want to add to the program, then select it when it appears in the drop-down list.

    3. Click Add Projects.
      The project is now associated with the selected program and portfolio. 

This article last updated on 2017-05-25 16:15:16 UTC