Understanding the Portfolio Optimizer

The Portfolio Optimizer is the tool used for project evaluation and comparison. The process of reviewing and comparing business case values for projects assigned to a portfolio is how a portfolio manager can prioritize projects and generate the most value for an organization.

The purpose of the portfolio optimizer is to provide an interface through which a portfolio manager, steering committee, or product management office can view summary information about the business case of each project. Projects can then be prioritized according to strategic values and goals, or according to their overall score.

To locate the portfolio optimizer:

  1. Navigate to the Projects area in the Global Navigation Bar.
  2. Click the Portfolios tab and click the portfolio you want to view.
  3. Click the Portfolio Optimization tab. 
    The Portfolio Optimizer is displayed.

You can see the financial state of your portfolio at any time during the life of your projects when using the Portfolio Optimizer. 

The financial data from the projects is compiled to create the financial data for the portfolio. 

Projects are each given a score, when their business cases are completed, by which they can be ranked in the Portfolio Optimizer.
For more information about calculating the portfolio optimizer score of a project, see "Understanding the Portfolio Optimizer Score and Optimizing in the Portfolio Optimizer."

You can also manually prioritize your projects.
For more information about manually prioritizing your projects in the Portfolio Optimizer, see "Prioritizing Projects in the Portfolio Optimizer."