Understanding Priority On Projects

The Project Priority option is found on the 'Project Details' Tab when you are in the process of editing or creating the project.

Using the 'Priority' drop-down menu, indicate the priority of this project relative to other projects.

Available default options and their integer values are:

0 - None
1 - Low
2 - Normal
3 - High
4 - Urgent

These values are used primarily for reporting purposes. For example, you can search for all issues that have the priority value of Urgent. If you decide to use this data field, you will need to communicate to other project managers when each option will be used in your organization.

System Administrators have the ability to modify priority labels, so the values in your Workfront may differ from those listed above. Also note, the priority values may be displayed in a number format on reports.

It is important to be familiar with the integer value numbering sequence as your organization may be accustomed to referring to urgent-priority projects with a numeral 1.

This article last updated on 2017-05-01 20:19:23 UTC