Create Predecessor Relationships by Chaining Tasks

You can create predecessor relationships in multiple ways in Workfront. One method is by chaining tasks.

For more information about predecessor tasks, see "Understanding Predecessors."

By chaining tasks, you can allow the system to create the predecessor relationships automatically on selected tasks, rather than manually creating a relationship on each task yourself. Different predecessor relationship types can still be used between tasks.

To chain tasks:

  1. Go to the project that contains the tasks that you want to chain.
  2. Select the Tasks tab.
  3. Select the tasks that you want to chain, then do the following:
  4. Right click the selected tasks
    Click the More menu at the top of the task list, then expand Chain. 
  5. Select from the following dependency types:
    • Finish-Start
    • Finish-Finish
    • Start-Start
    • Start-Finish
    For more information about predecessor dependency types, see "Understanding Dependency Types."
  6. (Optional) Click Unchain if some of the tasks have been previously chained.
    Your selected tasks are now linked by predecessor relationships.


This article last updated on 2019-02-27 20:22:27 UTC