Understanding Priority on Tasks

Users with Manage access to a task can set the task priority from the Task Details tab to indicate the priority of a single task relative to other tasks.

Understanding Default Priority Labels

Each priority label has a number associated with it that can not be modified.

System administrators can modify priority labels within Workfront. Therefore, the values in your Workfront instance might differ from those listed here. (You should become familiar with the numbering sequence of your organization. For example, your organization might use the number 1 to refer to urgent tasks.)

Each default priority label and its corresponding number are displayed in the following table:

Priority Label (Can be modified) Number (Cannot be modified)
None 0
Low 1
Normal 2
High 3
Urgent 4

Reporting on Task Priority

Task priority is used primarily for reporting purposes. Priority numbers can be displayed in number format on reports. The integer values are displayed in parentheses. 

For example, you can search for all tasks with a priority value of Urgent. If you decide to use this data field, you need to communicate to other project managers when each option is to be used in your organization.