Simple Duration Type

Understanding the Simple Duration Type

The Simple Duration Type is a Duration Type that can be set on a task in Workfront.

If Simple Duration Type is set as the default duration type in the project preferences of your Workfront system, all new tasks will be created with this duration type. For more information about changing your task and issue preferences as part of your system-level project preferences, see "Task and Issue Preferences."

The Simple Duration Type does the following things:

  • Allows project managers to select the allocated hours for a task and how those hours should be distributed among assignees. 
  • Allocation percent is hidden and allocation hours are available to be edited, instead.
  • Is the default Duration Type for new customers.

Editing Planned Hours and Duration of a Task with a Simple Duration Type"

Planned Hours and Duration are not manually editable for a task with a Simple Duration Type. You have to manually establish the user allocation (in hours, not percentage), and that in turn calculates the Planned Hours and the Duration for the task. 

To edit the Planned Hours and Duration of a task with a Simple Duration Type:

  1. In the task list, click the name of the task for which you want to change the duration type.
  2. Click Edit Task.
  3. Click Assignments.
  4. Enter a total value for the Planned Hours for all the assignments, for example: 10 hours.
  5. Enter a value for the task Duration: 2 days.

    Notice that the total Planned Hours is distributed equally the each assignee. 
    You can distribute the hours unevenly between the assignees, manually, if you choose so. 
  6. Click Save

Changing The Duration Type Of A Task To Simple Duration

  1. In the task list, click the name of the task for which you want to change the duration type.
  2. On the Task Details tab, ensure that Overview is selected, then click Edit Overview.
  3. In the Duration Type drop-down field, select Simple.
  4. Click Save.