Managing User Allocation Percentages on Work

Allocation Percentage represents the amount of time an assigned resource is planned to work on a task in a day. It is the percent of a work day (according to the user or project schedule) at which a resource is allocated throughout the duration of the task. You cannot modify the percentage allocation of a resource assigned to an issue.

NOTE You must have a Plan or a Work license and have at least Contribute permissions to a task to be able to make or manage assignments to the task.

To modify the percent allocation for a task:

  1. Navigate to a task for which you are changing the percent allocation.
  2. Click Edit Task.
  3. In the Overview section, ensure that the Duration Type of the task is one of the following:
    • Calculated Work
    • Effort Driven
      For the Calculated Assignment Duration Type, Workfront uses the following formula to calculate the allocation percentage of the assignees: 
      Allocation Percentage = (Work Required / Number of days in the Duration) / Number of hours per work day.
      For the Simple Duration Type, you can estimate the hours assigned to each resource, not the allocation percentage.  
  4. Click Assignments, then modify the allocation percentages for each task assignee. 
    You can only modify the allocation percentage for user and job role assignments. 
    You cannot modify the allocation percentage for a team assigned to a task.
  5. Click Save Changes.

Audited 6/13/2018

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