The Following Fields are Invalid: EmailAddr Cannot be Null


Login Problem:  

  1.  User navigates to their Workfront URL
  2.  They are redirected to the SAML login portal. This is the correct location.
  3.  They enter their SAML username and password.
  4.  They are redirected back to Workfront.
  5.  Error: Let's try that again. The following fields are invalid: emailAddr cannot be null.


Incorrectly configured 'Map User Attributes'

FIX: This is caused by the Workfront SSO configuration > Map User Attributes. This has an attribute mapping for the email address with an incorrect directory attribute or default value. Remove this from the Attribute Mapping and Save.

NOTE: This error can be any of the Workfront User Attributes, it is not specific to emailAddr. It could be name cannot be null, or jobRole cannot be null, etc.