Problem with SSO Configuration


You receive the following error when you are validating your SSO configuration:

“Could not validate xml digital signature. Please confirm that the certificate that you are signing the SAML 2.0 response data with is the same certificate that you provided AtTask in your SSO SAML 2.0 setup.”


Always get the results by clicking Test Connection.

You should receive a result similar to the following:


Causes and Resolutions

The following table illustrates the possible causes for this error and their respective resolutions: 

Cause Resolution

The Certificate is signed using DSA when Workfront is expecting an RSA signature.

Recreate the certificate and use an RSA signature instead of DSA.
XML data is not correct. Re-export and re-import the XML metadata from ADFS.
The request could not be performed due to an error on the part of the SAML responder or SAML authority. A problem on the SAML responder or SAML authority side of things.