Working with Calendars

Workfront allows you to visualize important dates using a calendar view. The calendar is a dynamic report showing information in a visual format.

You can display the following objects in a calendar view:

  • Tasks
  • Issues
  • Projects

Items are grouped into calendar groupings using filters. 

NOTE Calendar groupings are not the same as report groupings. A calendar grouping can contain different object types to help focus on what needs to be displayed. 

For example, you can choose the following in the same grouping:

  • all tasks on a specific project
  • all issues assigned to a specific team
  • all projects that have the same custom field

For more information about creating calendars, see "Creating and Managing Calendars."

Use of Color and Additional Information

Choose a separate color for each grouping to distinguish between them at first glance.

Clicking a Calendar event displays the event details including: due date, status, assigned to, name and project. 

Sharing Calendars

You can share calendars with other users and you can make them available publicly. 

Sharing a calendar is similar to sharing other objects.
For more information about sharing objects in Workfront, see "Sharing Permissions on Objects."

When a calendar has been shared with a user it displays with an asterisk (*) next to the name. 

When a calendar is shared publicly, someone without a Workfront license can view it. 

Copying Calendars

You can copy a calendar that you have permissions to View. 

When you copy a calendar shared with you you become the new owner of the calendar. 

To copy a calendar:

  1. Navigate to the Calendars tab in the Reporting area.
  2. Click the calendar you want to copy.
  3. Click Calendar Actions, then Copy.
    A new calendar is created. The default name of the new calendar is Copy of <Name of copied calendar.>
  4. (Optional) Modify the name of the calendar, then press Enter.

Calendar Views

You can display the information on a calendar in the following views:

  • Week view(with or without weekends)
  • Month view
  • Gantt view.

The calendar top toolbar allows users to switch between views.

You can navigate the time frame of the calendar by scrolling up and down on the calendar, or left to right in the Gantt chart.

NOTE A loading symbol might appear as data is retrieved to display in the calendar.  

You can also view calendars in full screen by selecting the full screen icon on the right-hand side of the calendar tool bar. 


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