Understanding Team Requests


A Team Request represents a pending work item that is not assigned to a specific user. Instead, it is assigned to a team, any member of that team can volunteer to accept responsibility for the task. If someone volunteers to work on a Team Request, they are accepting the work assignment as their own. It is no longer assigned to the team, but to that individual user.

NOTE: A Team Request should not be used for collaborative task assignments. If you need to assign multiple users to work together on a task you do this through Advanced Assignments, and not through a Team request. For more information, see "Creating Advanced Assignments".


Teams can be assigned to tasks by project managers through the Gantt Chart, Task List, New and Edit Task forms, or through bulk editing. Additionally, teams can be assigned to issues manually or through routing rules on a request. Project managers and issue requestors typically assign work to teams when they do not know which resource is right to do the work or when it does not matter who completes the work.

Team Requests are visible in the Teams tab. When the teams tab is selected, the Team Requests shows the requests awaiting assignment for that team. When a team member clicks the Work On It button, the work request is removed from this list and transferred to the individual's Working On list. That individual becomes the task owner and the task is no longer assigned to the team. The assignment is removed from the Team Requests list and other members of the team no longer see it on the Team Request page.

For information on making a team request, see "Assigning a Request to a Team" under "Work and Team Requests".