Understanding the My Updates Area

The My Updates area is for users with a review license. A review license is specifically designed for stakeholders, third parties, approvers, etc. that need to have visibility into workflow and work items. They have read-only access to nearly everything and can participate in approvals. They can submit requests, upload documents, and comment on work. 

Since users with review licenses can't update work items, they do not have a My Work page in Workfront.  

Any items awaiting approval are presented at the top of the screen so review users can easily see which items they need to approve or reject. When someone includes a review user on a directed update, those updates also show up on the user's 'My Updates' page. 

By default, the review user sees 'My Updates' and 'Requests' on the top navigation bar, but they can turn on 'Projects,' 'Reporting,' and 'Teams' by adjusting their preferences in 'My Settings.' An Workfront administrator can also add these sections by using a layout template. The 'My Updates' page is only for review users. If the layout template includes 'My Work,' review users will get 'My Updates' instead.  

Review users cannot complete tasks or issues. So although review users can still be assigned tasks (like all other users), they will not receive email or other notifications regarding assignments, and they cannot mark those items as 'Done.'