Understanding the My Updates Area

Only for users with a Review license, the My Updates area takes the place of the My Work or Home page available to users with other license types (see "Understanding License Types.") It displays the following information:


  • Any items awaiting approval. These display at the top of the screen so review users can easily see which items they need to approve or reject.
    For more information about approving items, see "Approving Work."
  • Updates. These display when another user includes a user with a Review license on a directed update.
    For more information about updates, see "Updating Work."

Although users with a Review license can be assigned tasks, they do not receive email or other notifications regarding assignments, and they cannot mark them as "Done".

NOTE If the system administrator includes the My Work area in a layout template, users with a Review license see the My Updates page instead.

To access the My Updates area

  1. In the Global Navigation Bar, click My Updates.

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